Wellness Centre Zoe

The epitome of relaxation. A hotel with a wellness centre in Val di Fassa

Take advantage of your time off to fill up with energy and then wind down in our hotel's new wellness centre: 300 m2, featuring a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, herbal bath, sensory showers, massage therapy rooms, and 2 relaxing areas.
The spa has been built with natural materials, such as old chalet or fir wood, stone and marble. Free admission! !

Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the SPA's opening hours?
The swimming pool is open every day from 1:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m..
The saunas are open from 3:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. in Winter (every day) from 5:00 p.m. and until 7:00 p.m. in Summer (closed on Mondays)

Where is the wellness centre?
You can reach the wellness centre on the ground floor by taking the elevator or the stairs from all hotel floors.

What do I have to bring?
Only the slippers, because the bathrobe and the beach towel are already included in the wellness bag that we provide you with free on arrival.

Do I have to bring towels?
No, you don't need to bring towels. Every day you will find a soft cotton towel in your room. If you need more, you can rent them at the reception desk.

What are the SPA rules?
The Zoe wellness centre is a calm and relaxing area, therefore we kindly ask you to respect the tranquillity of other guests and turn off the ringtone of your cellular phone.

Is there Wi-Fi in the wellness area?
No, we decided not to set up Wi-Fi access in the wellness area in order to provide a relaxing and quiet ambience.

There are age limits?
Yes, Zoe Wellness and treatment are reserved exclusively for adults. Children and young people under the 14 years old have access to the pool until 6 p.m. but with an adult.

What do I have to wear?
In all public spaces swimwear or a bathrobe are mandatory. In the Finnish sauna no clothes, or swimwear, are allowed. For the massage therapy treatments we suggest the use of a bathrobe or practical clothing.
Please use flip flops at all times for hygienic and safety reasons

Where can I leave my valuable objects?
We suggest that you leave them in your room's safe. The Management of the Relais Hotel Des Alpes is not liable for damage to or theft of personal belongings inside the Zoe wellness centre.

Have you got a wellness bag?
Yes, you can rent our wellness bag containing bathrobe and slippers. You will be able to purchase it and keep it as a souvenir of your holiday in Val di Fassa!

How can I book a massage?
Please book ahead in order to able to choose your preferred timeslot.
You can make a reservation via telephone, in person or via e-mail.

Finnish Sauna

In the Finnish sauna hot and cooling cycles alternate, stimulating blood circulation and vascularisation, and reinforcing the immune system. The Finnish sauna is the most traditional sauna, with a temperature of 80-100 °C, and air humidity of 15-30%.
The Finnish sauna must be experienced in the nude, as the synthetic fibres of swim wear release toxins. It is efficient for treating bronchitis and it can reactivate the hormonal system as well as favour muscle elasticity

  • Temperature: 90°C
  • Humidity: 15-30%

Don't miss the opening December 2015: 95°
Finnish sauna and private garden!


Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath differs from the sauna, though it is thought to be similar. The ambient temperature is heated and maintained between 40°C and 60 °C. The heat and the high humidity level open up the respiratory system, cleaning your skin's pores as your body sweats.
The alternating showers and cold baths have positive effects on the body, not only when it comes to vascularisation of the skin, but they also reinforce the immune system and stimulate the metabolism.
Many people prefer it to the Finnish sauna, because of the lower and more bearable temperatures.

  • Temperature: 40-60°C
  • Climate: humid with fragrances

Herbal Bath

During an herbal bath you'll experience the fragrance of the Dolomites: It is delicate, aromatic, and invigorating. Our herbal bath will fill you with the scents of mountain herbs, with a long-lasting sensation of well-being.

Relaxing Zone

This relaxing 19th century space features dim lights, calming background music, 10 comfortable loungers and large windows to enjoy the view of majestic snow-topped peaks. In our relaxing zone you will treasure moments of tranquillity admiring the millenary Dolomites.
Here you can sip free refreshing drinks (elder, lemon, raspberry etc.) or purchase fantastic high-quality herbal teas (made of flowers from our area) served with fresh pastries.

Whirlpool Suite

Are you dreaming of a relaxing room with your own whirlpool? Our whirlpool suite is an exclusive oasis for you. It has large windows to admire the Dolomites and 2 single whirlpools to plunge into the luxury of bubbles, and — why not — relax with your loved one by adding essential oils and toasting to your health with a glass of prosecco.

Massages and Solarium

Request a customised massage. The spa features a dual massage therapy room for couples massages as well!

Bio Sauna

When the beneficial qualities of the sauna meet those of the steam bath, a whole new experience is born and to try: the Biosauna. The psychophysical well-being of the person is also stimulated by the pleasant aromatization with mountain herbs, which tell you about our territory and tell you the history of the Dolomites.

  • Temperature: 60 ° C
  • Humidity: about 50%