More than a hotel, we are a “big home”, as our most affectionate guests like to call us

Friendliness and warmth are the hallmark of 3-star superior Relais Hotel Des Alpes in Soraga — and something you will notice immediately is that we are committed to excellence.

The Senior Chefs THE PARENTS


Excellent builder, former ski instructor and cook in trendy locations of the 70s, Gianfranco dreamt of building his own hotel on the lot he was given from his father Giovanni.
His dream became a reality, and that reality is our present day. With great passion he provides guests information about trails, traditions, thrills and secrets of these fantastic mountains, which are a UNESCO world heritage site.


Notwithstanding her non-Ladin origins, she always wears a traditional South-Tyrolean dress, greeting you in the morning and in the evening with a big smile, always courteous and willing to help.
Paola likes to spend her leisure time with her grandchildren and her flowers, which can be seen all around the hotel.

The Junior Chefs THE CHILDREN


Renowned in the valley for his special strudel, Lorenzo is our head-chef and his are the most interesting dishes you'll taste at the Relais Hotel Des Alpes restaurant.
Lorenzo is very meticulous and doesn't give up until we have found all natural, locally produced ingredients; but the quality and the taste of his dishes confirm that he has just the right approach.


Our globetrotter — before settling down she studied in Bologna, where she received her Diploma in Interpreting.
Afterwards was able to delve into varied experiences abroad, until the call ofher big home, among firs and roe deer, came to her loud and clear.
At the hotel Francesca is in charge of almost every task — she welcomes you with open arms to our big home and is your guide during your stay.


Andrea has always lived here but a few years ago he got married and theoretically moved. We say theoretically, because even though he does not live here, he is with us everyday, doing maintenance work outside — in summer and in winter — helping wherever he is needed.

As you can see, the Hotel Des Alpes is not only a big home for our loyal guests, but also our big home.

About our family, a guest wrote:

"Like the 5 fingers of a hand you are all important, unique and inseparable. And I delve into your sweetness and revive in your company."

Brina, Our Mascot

Our dog is a sweet boxer with light-brown fur, much loved by children; she is everywhere but it's difficult to spot her because she is shy and likes her privacy.