Bio Suite

Sleeps 2 | about 24 m2

The Double Bio Suite is completely furnished in pine wood, also called the wood of the heart, for its celebrated relaxing properties. It is large and very impressive, with a reading corner in the panoramic tower.

You will feel like you are in an enchanted forest!

This room is completely furnished in stone pine or Swiss pine, a wood with a pleasantly intense and very precious scent that has been known for centuries for its calming properties: it manages to decrease heartbeats, favouring relaxation and improving the quality of sleep.

It is therefore considered the perfect ally of good rest.

  • Bathroom with shower, bidet, washbasin, hairdryer, welcome kit
  • Safe
  • Romantic panoramic tower (no balcony)
  • A practical wellness bag, with a bathrobe for adults and sauna towels, one per person, which will be changed everyday if you consider it necessary. You will have to bring your own slippers and swimming cap.
  • A comfortable bed with 100% pure cotton bedlinen and our typical hypoallergenic single duvets.
  • The perfume and softness of home-washed and sun-dried laundry.

We live in the Val di Fassa, the beauty of this environment is our main resource!

We are a family and this is a mountain hotel, we respect the environment, the places and the local economy. We believe in real sustainability, practiced and improved every day with choices and actions, and this is why we ask you too to reduce waste as well!

Our contribution:

  • We have chosen natural and eco-compatible furniture
  • We use low energy consumption lightbulbs
  • We use energy from renewable sources
  • We do waste sorting
  • We have eliminated single-dose packaging
  • We pay attention to waste
  • We don’t change sheets and towels every day

Your contribution:

  • Switch off the lights when you leave the room
  • Turn off the water when it is not needed
  • Leave your towels on the floor to be washed only when necessary

These small gestures can make a great difference for the protection of the environment as well as for hotel consumptions.

We ask you to contribute everyday for a more sustainable holiday. Thank you!

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