A long
love affair
since 1973

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Passion for hospitality

Feeling at home in the Val di Fassa

Our love for hospitality has guided us for fifty years. Ours is a long history, handed down through generations. We welcome each one of our guests as someone special, wanting them to spend relaxing days in what will be their home away from home. We live in the Val di Fassa, the beauty of this environment is our wealth and your reason to come here.

This is why the environment that surrounds us is so important to us. We believe in real sustainability practiced every day with choices and actions. Switch off the lights, turn off the water tap, change towels only when necessary, promote green mobility with our columns to recharge electric car.  Together we can contribute to the protection of the environment as well as the reduction of expenses in our hotel. This way your holiday can be sustainable!

The Hotel is in Soraga, in the Val di Fassa, Trentino, Italy.

A little less than 500 metres.

We have outdoor parking and indoor pay garages.

We have columns to recharge your electric car.

Not in the Hotel, only in the apartment.

No… children are allowed to run in the fields, play ping pong or billiards in the games room.

Yes, fibre.

The closest airports are: Bolzano, Venice, Verona, Treviso and Innsbruck.

The closest railway stations are Bolzano, Ora and Trento.

We live in the Val di Fassa, the beauty of this environment is our main resource!

We are a family and this is a mountain hotel, we respect the environment, the places and the local economy. We believe in real sustainability, practiced and improved every day with choices and actions, and this is why we ask you too to reduce waste as well!

Our contribution:

  • We have chosen natural and eco-compatible furniture
  • We use low energy consumption lightbulbs
  • We use energy from renewable sources
  • We do waste sorting
  • We have eliminated single-dose packaging
  • We pay attention to waste
  • We don’t change sheets and towels every day
A long
love affair
since 1973