Mountain air stimulates the appetite!

Mountain stimulates the appetite. We at the Relais Hotel Des Alpes know that very well!
That's why we want to take you on a trip through the traditions and secrets of the regional cuisine of Trentino, offering a healthy, genuine and varied cuisine.


In the morning, the hotel is filled with an unmistakable fragrance: a mixture of coffee, oven-fresh cakes, home-made jam, and seasonal fruit, no one can resist!

Summer Grilling

In the Summer you'll lunch in the new panoramic garden atop the swimming pool, tasting dishes from the grill or from the light menu.

Lunch and Dinner

Every day for lunch and dinner choose from 4 menus (one always with specialties from Trentino), combining local and Italian recipes in an exuberance of flavours. A rich buffet with starters and cooked and raw vegetables is always available. A wide selection of Wines from Trentino completes every meal.

Every week we have a gourmet dinner with delicious local specialities, unveiling the secrets of Trentino's cuisine.

Don't miss Lorenzo's spectacular apple strudel! Ask him to share the secret of how to make it.

Food intolerances or special diets?
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Dear Guest,

unfortunately the number of people suffering from allergies and food intolerances is increasing, and therefore we are more and more sensitive to this problem.

Our Chef Lorenzo is always ready to satisfy any special dietary needs. We will do our best to purchase special products for you in order to prepare adequate meals. Of course we do not have medical competencies, nor are we nutritionists, therefore we kindly ask you to give us precise indications, considering that we are in a small mountain village with 1,000 inhabitants and that not all special products (especially produce) are as available as in town.
We try to offer you good selection of foods, but, especially for breakfast, we cannot always satisfy all needs. You may bring your own products and add them to those provided by the hotel, so that you'll be sure to enjoy your stay.

Day after day, with the weekly menu on hand, together with Ms Paola or Francesca you'll be able to select alternative dishes that will suit your special diet.

For many years now we have had guests with allergies and food intolerances; we always do our best to satisfy your dietary needs, but — just like everybody — we are still learning the ropes.

We hope we will be able to work with you in order to offer you the best solution.